Virtual Learning 20/21

This page will serve as a resource for FSK families as we move into the 2020/21 School Year. New resources and communications will be added as they become available.

FSK 20/21 Virtual Learning Plan

The FSK 20/21 Virtual Learning Plan is a living document that is updated as new information is available. FSK families can find information regarding important dates, Master Schedules, learning platforms and more.

Technology Distribution Update: September 1, 2020

Thank you to everyone that has completed the Laptop Device Survey.  If you have already completed the survey, there is no need to do so twice. Please find a few important updates regarding distribution:

At this moment, we have zero devices to give out.  We are waiting on central office to bring more to FSK to continue our cycle of distribution.  There is no need to call or email FSK as the answer will be the same.  Please check your email as you will receive information when the device is ready for pick-up.

I do not expect to receive enough devices to fill our current needs by Opening Day.  9/8.  I wish I had better news, but most schools are in the same position as we wait on more to arrive from Central Office.

If you do not have a device and not able to participate during the opening days, we understand and you will not be penalized.

Thank you,

Mr. Basmajian

Laptop Needs Assessment Form

Are you an FSK family in need of a laptop for the 20/21 School Year?

Please fill out our Needs Assessment Form

FSK Family Supports: Social, Emotional and Behavioral Resources

Our amazing Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners (PIEL) team has assembled a page with resources to support the well being of FSK students and families as we continue Virtual Learning.