Yellow Bus Service, 2021-22

Bus #1: Pigtown Yellow Bus

Stop # Pick-Up Time Corner Drop-Off Time 
7:46 am Washington Blvd & Bayard Street 3:46 pm 
7:52 amW. Ostend St & W. Hamburg St 3:41 pm 
8:02 am W. Hamburg St & Leadenhall St 3:31 pm 
8:15 am Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle —-

Bus #2: Cherry Hill and Brooklyn Yellow Bus

Stop # Pick-Up Time Corner Drop-Off Time 
17:30am Redbird Ave & Seamon Ave 4:01pm 
27:34am Cherryland Rd & Roundview Rd 4:04 pm 
7:46 am Audrey Ave & 6th St 3:50 pm 
7:49 am Washburn Ave & 10 St 3:46 pm 
7:56 am Pennington Ave & Locust St 3:39 pm 
68:15am Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle pm 

Please note:

Students not routed on the Yellow-Bus will be allowed to ride the opening week(s)

FSK will record the riders and enter them into the Transportation System to be routed for the SY

While City Schools is encouraging Middle School students to ride the MTA bus, we are working to maintain our Yellow-Bus service through the 21-22 SY