Student Wellness Support Team (SWST)

The Student Wellness Support Team (SWST) is made up of a cross-functional team of school-based professionals. The goal of this team is to provide comprehensive social-emotional supports to help students succeed in the academic setting. Providers work collaboratively to support students, families, and staff. When additional support is needed, referrals to community resources are made available.

Our team and how to contact them:

Towanda L. Russell, Social Worker

My name is Towanda Russell.  This is my 22nd year with Baltimore City Public Schools and my 13th year at FSK.  This year I am mostly looking forward to getting to know new students and helping all students with transitioning back to in-person learning.


Heidi Trasatti, School Psychologist

My name is Heidi Trasatti and this is my 2nd year at FSK, and 18th in Baltimore City Public Schools. My current professional interests include: the science of reading, dyslexia identification and related instructional supports, as well as social & emotional learning.  When I’m not reading about those things, you’ll find me out birding or hiking.


Chris Fekos, School Psychologist

My name is Adam Heller and SY22-23 will be my second year with the district and my second year with FSK. What I am looking forward to most this coming school year is being at FSK full-time, and engaging in more service-learning projects and student clubs.


Alexandra Ling, School-Based Mental Health Therapist

My name is Alexandra Ling and I have been at FSK for a year and a half.
This year I’m looking forward to continuing to provide support to FSK
students and staff. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


What does this look like in our school community?
  • Monthly social-emotional groups
  • Attendance incentives/supports
  • Community outreach
  • Comprehensive supports to students with IEP’s and 504’s
  • Small group and individual counseling
  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Assisting with transitions
  • Serve as part of the school leadership team
  • Consultation with staff, families, and outside agencies
  • Crisis support