Francis Scott Key’s PTO is affiliated with the National Parent Teacher Organization. Membership in the FSK PTO is open to all parents and guardians of FSK students; faculty, staff and administrators of FSK; and any interested community member.

Officers, 2022-23

Talley Kovacs, President, Outdoor Committee Chair (3rd and 7th-grade parent)

Anne Tillinghast, Vice President, Welcome Committee Chair (5th-grade parent) 

Corina Lippard, Treasurer (4th-grade parent) 

Emily Jones, Secretary (4th-grade parent) 

At-Large Board Members

Becca Salsbury, Past President (2nd and 4th-grade parent)

Julie Cole, Fundraising Chair (4th and 8th-grade parent) 

Katie Poist, Teacher Appreciation Chair (1st and 3rd-grade parent)

Cesar Artega (6th-grade parent) 

Suzanne Kashnow (3rd and 6th-grade parent) 

Laurie Davidow (1st and 3rd-grade parent) 

Letty Passerella (2nd-grade parent) 

Dominique Daniels (3rd-grade parent) 

Craig Kadish (1st-grade parent) 

Brianne Ernst, Elementary Teacher Representative

Ainsley Bloor, Middle School Teacher Representative 

If you have any questions for the PTO, please email us at or send any one of us a message on Bloomz.